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Our junk removal prices are straightforward and transparent, so you can plan accordingly.

It can be a bit unnerving to have excess junk around your Mooresville, North Carolina home, business, or rental property and have no idea how to dispose of it or what it would cost to have someone help you with it. The good news is that, at DumpandJunk.com, we’ve made it easy to declutter and get rid of unwanted items while knowing upfront what it will cost. Our junk removal prices are straightforward.

Junk Removal Prices in Mooresville, North Carolina

We quote you based on how much space your junk takes on our trailer. With very reasonable minimums, we ensure that the bill fits the job, and you’ll only be billed for the junk we ACTUALLY remove! A full trailer load is only $400, so our junk removal prices are always fair and manageable for each load of junk you need removed. You can wait to see how much space is taken when we pick up your items, or you can send us a photo of the items you need removed and we’ll give you an estimate ahead of time.

Our junk removal prices are the same whether you are a homeowner needing old furniture or a few other items removed or you are a property manager, apartment owner, moving company or another type of business with a junk issue to resolve or someone who needs to help out a client.

No junk removal job is too small or too large. We can make multiple trips if necessary to resolve a larger junk removal issue, and you’ll never pay more than $400 for each load. If you like the idea of transparent junk removal prices you can count on whenever you need debris, junk, trash, or furniture removed, reach out to us!