How Our Junk Removal Prices Can Save You Money

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With junk removal, you have enough on your plate without having to worry about all of the hidden costs and random fees that come with clearing your space of excess clutter and rubbish. That’s why we take the straightforward approach with our junk removal prices, so you know how much you’re going to pay without worrying about surprise fees.

How Our Junk Removal Prices Can Save You Money

Our junk removal prices are determined by how much space your garbage will take up on our trailers, regardless of the time of year or whether or not you’re a home or business owner. To us, junk is junk, and we care about helping you create a clean space free of junk without breaking the bank.

Here at, we let you know up front what our junk removal prices are, so you aren’t left in the dark about what you’ll pay. We charge a minimum of $75, with a full trailer’s worth of junk charged at $400, regardless of the type of junk you have (furniture, debris, etc.). Send us a picture of the junk you need removed, and we will give you an estimate before we start the junk removal process. We can also do multiple trips depending on how much junk you have, but we will never go higher than $400 per full trailer.

Do you have a lot of junk to get rid of but don’t want to spend a fortune on hidden fees? Contact us today to see how you can save money on getting rid of your trash with our junk removal services.